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A book to read slowly and reflected upon

I have purchased several books from Blue Sparrow Press and think that this one is the best one yet! I am a lifelong Catholic, a retired religious educator and could tell that author Matthew Kelly was involved in writing this book. It is a keeper!

True To Size

I am 5'2" and about 135lbs. I got one shirt in every size to see the fit of the shirts. I thought I would need a medium, but it had extra length. These shirts do not run boxy as some t-shirts do and instead have extra length. That being said they don't cling to you but fall nicely. My sister, whom I got a small for and has a longer torso than me looked especially nice. I tried the small myself and it also looked fine. I believe these are 100% cotton so if you don't put them in the dryer they shouldn't shrink, but if they do it will most likely be in length. The large makes an enjoyable top for a pj or exercise outfit. As for the feel of the fabric, it was soft and breathable. It's getting warm where I am and I didn't feel sweaty wearing it when I went on a walk. Highly recommend.

Felt blessed the entire journey My faith and sharing group reviewed each 33 day journey and discussed the impact in our life.

Join The International Society of The Eucharist

The International Society of The Eucharist

I received the 1st shipment (books), but if a 2nd shipment has been sent I have yet (4/19) to receive it. Thanks, Dan

The book every Catholic needs !!

Absolutely love it!

Sign up review

Signing up was easy but 2 things
1. Im already an ambassador so I tried to stop them from sending me the book because I already received it
2. Its not clear to me how or where I get the discount travel voucher - please advise

Great as always.

The True Presence Club
Noah Vickerman
Not Received

Noah is my Grandson and we have not received anything yet.

The True Presence Club
Peggy Thordarson

I have not received it yet

What a blessing!

The 33 Days to the Eucharist was very inspirational to me, during Lent. I want to continue this journey and grow my faith.


I love the book, Matthew’s video’s and joining this International society.

The True Presence Club
Rosemary Leavy

Did not receive🌹

International Society of the Eucharist

I am excited to join a movement that reminds people of the beauty and truth of the Eucharist!

Don’t know

Haven’t received anything yet

Jesus within me ,or The TRUTH of the EUCHARIST

I have not completed the entire project,
If anyone completely and wholly and truly believes in the Holy Eucharist they will not and cannot leave the church

33 Days to Eucharistic Glory

I already had this book and read it during Lent. I didn't realize I could fall in love even more with the Eucharist! Praise the Lord for his wonderful gift and blessing to us!

Love the International Society of The Eucharist

It is a great way to be involved and help bring the truth of The Eucharist to others.

Haven’t received it

Haven’t received it

The True Presence Club
Lynette Schnitzius

I haven’t received my order🙁

33Days to Eucharistic Glory and journal

Excellent book! The companion journal brought the experience so much deeper in the reflection of the text that was read in the book. I completed my Consecration to Jesus in the Eucharist. I have recommended this to many friends. Thank you for this beautiful experience.

The True Presence Club
Catherine Wylie

The True Presence Club

The True Presence Club
Geraldine Hoffer
Great first communion gift

I have not seen it yet so I can’t really give a review

Order Not Yet Received

I haven’t received it yet so I cannot review it and give my opinion.

Believing in the Eucharist

So happy to help promote the tEucharist to those who may not believe in His real presence. This may be what our Church needs to survive.